Pathaan Movie (2023)

Pathaan Movie (2023)

Pathaan movie (2023)
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The Pathaan movie (2023) is full of action, romance and thrill which is available on f2 movies.
Shahrukh khan in and as Pathan. So basically Pathan is an Indian soldier, who is an ex army man turned into a undercover agent. who is looking for Jim (John Abraham) ex army officer who has turned into a terrorist to his own country.

Jim was a Indian soldier who was doing the best for the country, but unfortunately at time the Indian army couldn’t do anything for Jim and his family. When Jim was caught by the terrorists and ask the Indian army to pay for his survivor they declined it and for that matter Jim’s wife who was pregnant gets killed by the terrorists, and at the same time the Indian army predicts that the terrorists has killed both Jim and his wife and they announces the death of Jim and pay the last rites and give him his tribute for his pride.

However Pathaan gets to know that Jim is alive, while Jim attack on pathaan and tries to kill him. While in search of Jim, Pathaan’s team track another person Rubai (Deepika Padukone) ex ISI officer in Spain. Rubai tries to grab attention from Pathaan, and have some romantic moments along. Later they both make a team with each other as Rubai have some information about Jim.

She says that Jim is in found of rakhtbhed. Which can be use to make virus, so they make a plan to get it before Jim. Pathaan and Rubai does everything possible to get the Rakhtbedh and finally when Pathaan gets it with him Rubai ditches Pathaan and cheat on him, as she is on the other side with Jim.

Pathaan gets disappointed and gets caught by the Russians officers in terms of robbing the Rakhtbeej, the Indian army officer feel shameful for the behaviour of pathaan and give the Russian officer to do anything with their victim.

The Russians take pathaan on the train to finish him off. But for Pathaan’s rescue the undercover agent Tiger (Salman khan) comes to save him, however they manage to stay alive and kill all the rest of the Russians on the train. After the come back of Pathaan he get to know that the Indian army sent Tiger to protect him as a mission.

After a while again on the streets of Paris, Rubai got caught on the CCTV footage, Pathaan gets an idea that she’s come across in front of him on her own choice, later when he goes to see her he mentions what are you up to, why did you want me to meet you, that is when she answers and says that the rakhtbeej what she got from Pathaan and the reason behind cheating on him was (Article 360) which was started by the Indian government. The Pakistan officer wasn’t happy about the decision and lead them a lot of money in terms of robbing it.
But now she reveals that the Jim’s plan is to destroy the whole city with the virus, made out of the rakhtbeej which is even more dangerous than (Covid 19) it will spread with in some seconds and kill everyone within sometime. Which she wasn’t knowing that he’ll turn the chemicals to virus.

Rubai convinces Pathaan to be on her team and help her out with stopping this to happen, Pathaan tries to get the rakhtbeej but by the time they do that it’s already made of virus, some how after a long action sequence they try to get one virus, which Pathaan takes to the Indian officers, and ask the head officer to destroy it.

He refused to destroy, in order to know what all it’s made off and want to check if it is there inside of it. The head officer gets it all check from the scientist and after checking the entire virus ball he replies that nothing is inside in it, it is just the mineral water.

Is there end credit scene in Pathaan?

To confirm that the lady soldier officer goes to check and the laboratory gets a power cut, they all get a video call from Jim in which he says that the virus is already spreading by the time they talk to him, there is no use of the plastic suits which they are wearing for safety nor the helmets are going to help them stay alive as he has made it in such a way that they will not be able to make it out. Simultaneously one by one dies in the laboratory.

To know what happen with another ball of virus and Jim did with that do watch the movie in your nearest theatre I’m sure you badly wanna know about it..

Directed by: Siddharth Anand
Written by: Shridhar Raghavan Abbas Tyrewala
Story by: Siddharth Anand
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Shah Rukh Khan
Deepika Padukone
John Abraham

Cinematography: Satchith Paulose
Edited by: Aarif Sheikh
Music by
Songs: Vishal–Shekhar
Score: Sanchit Balhara Ankit Balhara
Production company: Yash Raj Films
Distributed by: Yash Raj Films

Release date

• 25 January 2023
Running time. 146 minutes[1]
Country. India
Language. Hindi
Budget. ₹250 crore[2]
Box office. est. ₹97.17 crore[3]


Pathaan Movie 2023 Review


Pakistani general army (Qadir) signs a contract with Jim, who leads “Outfit X”, a private terrorist group. In terms to destroy India, the reason behind this is, In 2019, the Indian Government revokes Article 370, which grants special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile in India, the senior officer open joint operation and covert research (JOCR) which recruits agents, who were retired from injury in the past but still have a passion to serve the country.


As we know SRK as the romantic hero, he has done some amazing work on his action and dance too. SRK will always remain the best and always being a superstar. Deepika Padukone is looking extremely fabulous and hot, her acting skills and her action scenes are just so amazing in the film cannot resist my eyes off her. John Abraham as Jim takes me back to the days of (Dhoom) what a actor he is, I think his role was too justifying and as an actor he is done a great job.


The best part what worked for me is obviously, the cameo of the super star. Salman khan in and as Tiger. Jim’s rivalry is justifiable, because of loosing his family has a emotional connect to it. And I loved how in the end the senior officer shut all the doors, once she gets to know about the virus. which is spreader in the laboratory, and she herself infected to that, she manages to protect the soldiers, by giving her soul to the country.


Long ago the ex army officer Jim is announced to be dead, and Indian soldier being so intelligent believes it. And it’s not much different from any other Bollywood movie, in which the heroine tries to get attention from the hero in terms of cheating on him. However pathaan being a undercover agent and the best officer, gets in the trap of rubai and Jim’s plan. is not that convincing, it should’ve been completely different. Because being an undercover agent they have knowledge of everything which is unsaid.


Bollywood has come back with a super star casting after a very long time, which is extremely exciting. The movie overall is good. it could’ve been a little different, but has a lot of Drama, Action, Thrill and the music is amazing.


7/10 overall acting of all the stars is just fabulous.


How much has Pathaan made?

Pathaan Day 1 Box Office Collection

Estimate day 1 collection- 104.8 Crore INR (Worldwide)

Pathaan Day 2 Box Office Collection

Estimate day 2 collection- 100 Crore INR (Worldwide)

Pathaan Day 3 Box Office Collection

Expected day 3 collection- 65 Crores INR (Worldwide)

Pathaan Box Office Collection for 5 Days

Total Collection Estimated- 500 Crores INR

The movie is reportedly said to have made on Day 1, a gross of Rs 51 crore at the box office. The film was released in Tamil as well and the film had a good response in Chennai.


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