Freddy (2022)

Freddy Movie (2022)

Initial release: 2nd December 2022
Director: Shashanka Ghosh
Cinematography: Ayananka Bose
Language: Hindi
Produced by: Ekta Kapoor; Shobha Kapoor; Jay Shewakramani; Gaurav Bose
Production companies: Balaji Motion Pictures; NH Studioz; Northern Lights Film

Imdb Ratings: 7.7/10


Freddy Movie (2022) Explained

So lets talk about Freddy (2022) which is available on Disney Pluse Hotstar. Freddy it’s a story of a successful dentist based in Mumbai. Dr. Freddy ginwala (Kartik Aaryan) however his life changes when he falls in love.

He is an introvert and completely awkward to strike a conversation with any girl and is desperate to get married. But due to his nature girls reject him instantly.

At a wedding his aunt, Persis. Insist him telling that the girl is interested in you I can sense that she must be waiting for you to approach her, by the insist of his aunt he approaches the girl, kainaaz Irani (Alaya F) the plan goes flop as as Kainaaz’s aggressive husband Rustom Irani pushes him away.

Freddy is obsessed with Kainaaz and kept dreaming about her. The next day, Kainaaz comes to Freddy’s clinic to get her wisdom tooth extracted. after that visit he gets more attracted to her.

He stalks her by camping outside her house and this is when he realizes that Kainaaz is also a victim of domestic violence. And later when he ask kainaaz for her second visit she doesn’t show up as she’s been beaten by her husband.

Freddy cancels all his appointments and request kainaaz to meet him in the park as he could sense something was wrong, Rustom goes to Pune for a few days and at this point, Freddy and Kainaaz get close to each other and ask her to marry him.

Freddy, unable to bear Kainaaz’s condition, decides to finish off Rustom. He cooks up an elaborate plan and manages to kill Rustom. This is when Freddy gets the biggest shock of his life.

Freddy 2022

Freddy Movie 2022 Review

The movie is directed by Shashanka ghosh

Freddy’s character is well presented also his life and lifestyle. The murder angle adds to the thrill and fun.
FREDDY starts with an interesting scene that neatly explains about his past and his parents
And it’s kept it simple as Freddy’s father kill his mother and then kills himself. When he is a young boy.
Where as kainaaz’s family is not been explained just his mother is been seen in one shot of the scene.
The makers fail to establish Rustom’s back story and whether he had any partner in his restaurant business or for that matter, any family member.
Freddy has a pet, hardy (tortoise) being an complete introvert he is only attached to hardy as his close’s friend. However its convincing.

The twist at the intermission point comes Post interval, the scene where Freddy goes to Light of Persia restaurant is a very arresting scene and the same goes for the scene where he starts exacting revenge.
The movie has a lot of thrill , romance and interesting end to it.

Speaking of performances, Kartik Aaryan is in terrific form yet again. In fact, this is his most accomplished performance
Alaya F also surprises with her amazing performance
Talking about music is quite decent. Music director (Pritam)
On the whole , Freddy is an amazing fiction to watch the story is simple to understand it has good thrills, twists and it’s fun to watch with your family.

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