Google Pixel Slate m3

Google Pixel Slate m3 Price And Specifications

Google Pixel slate m3
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  • Google Pixel Slate m3 is 12.3 inch Two in One Tablet Price $499
  • Intel Core Processor m3, 8GB/64GB with Aspect Ratio of 3:2
  • Display Resolution maximum of 3000X2000 Pixels
  • Keyboard and Pen are sold Separately
  • Google Pixel Slate m3 is made to deliver Outstanding Performance for Entertainment.
  • Its 12.3 inch display with 6 million Pixels gives you an amazing realistic feature of of your favorite movie or video and the duel front audio delivers the premium sound experience.
  • It has a Multitasking Tool which delivers, duel screen functions, Multi Functional widows, and Interlinks with the apps like Google docs/Slides/Sheets.
  • Pixel Slate is featured with Automatic Updates where you would never miss the Latest security and applications.
  • It has a Duo Cam’s wide angle Lens, with low light spot to keep everyone in view.
  • Battery Performance may vary between online surfing, Videos and usage. battery should be atleast 5% to get charged and device should be inactive and use of Included Charger.
  • The Over all Performance is absolutely Premium compared to other tablets in an affodable Price Tag.

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Note: Google Pixel Slate i5 8GB/128GB is Priced $749 With same Specifications.

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