iPhone 14 pro max wallpaper

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Being an iPhone user since 2012, I have always been keen about my Phones exterior and interior looks specially my Wallpaper, Theme and Widgets. I started using iPhone 4s and year by year upgrading to the latest once, its not because of Phone but because of latest Softwares and upgrades.

So today we will Suggest you 5 Best iPhone 14 pro max Wallpapers which are compatible for all iPhone series to the latest once that are absolutely FREE and are available on App Store. It is also compatible for iPhone 14 Pro max.

These Wallpapers are user friendly, does not consume a lot of battery power and does not hang your iPhone. these wallpapers are very cool and gives you the best experience to enhance your Phone.

iPhone 14 pro max wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers and Themes

Dynamic wallpaper and themes

Provider- Voros Innovation and Business Services Pvt Ltd

Size- 211.8 MB

Ratings- 4.5

Compatibility- Works on all iPhone series, 11,12,13,14 Pro max

Languages- It has English and more than 10 Languages.

It has Live wallpapers with over 100+ beautiful designs, On screen and lock screen. It has landscapes, Geometric patterns, christmas trees, candle lights, coral reefs, sharks, fire place, beautiful beaches, aquariums and many more.

Do try this theme its recommended and Licensed on App Store.

iPhone 14 pro max wallpaper 4k

Lock Launcher 16: Widgets

Provide- Cai Ling Pan (It is a Chinese company) Registered and Licensed

Size- 102.6 MB

Compatibility- Works on all iPhone series, 11,12,13,14 Pro max

Languages- English and Simplified Chinese.

Ratings: 4.5/5

It has all you need Widgets:

  1. To Start any App its Just One Click.
  2. Quick Scan
  3. It Launches your favourite games and apps on lock screen.
  4. To scan code its interface has direct access.
  5. Many more lock screen Widgets.
  6. Well designed lock screen widgets.
  7. It Includes HD Wallpapers.
  8. Designed to adapt to latest iPhones.
  9. Exclusive High-definition Pictures.
  10. Daily Updates.
  11. A variety of unique style wallpapers.

This App is been Verified and Licensed by Apple App Store.

Wallpaper iPhone 14 pro max

Island Animation

Provider- Yang Fang (Chinese Company) Verified and Licensed by App Store.

Size- 337.6 MB

Compatibility- All Latest iPhones

Languages- English and Simplified Chinese

Ratings- 4.3/5

It has been featured for Dynamic island.

  1. Which makes iPhone’s Notch or Dynamic island more interesting.
  2. Gives a unique charging experience.
  3. Many more interesting animations are on the way to be updated.

Wallpapers and Themes for Screen

Provider- Iqbal Bhatti (Individual Developer) Registered and Licensed by App Store.

Size- 19.6 MB

Compatibility- All latest iPhones

Languages- English Only

Ratings- 3.8/5

This Developer has has developed some of the High resolution Wallpapers.

  1. It is a Universal Wallpaper app.
  2. Perfectly supports iOS 16.
  3. Supports iPhone dark theme.
  4. Added Swipe feature on the image gallery.
  5. Top search Popular categories.
  6. It has a beautiful interface so you can tilt device.
  7. Categorize: Trending, most liked, Social, Cute HD, Aesthetic, Pink Girly, 3d animated, Vellum iOS Lock screen, Monochrome people photography definition camera, Portrait, Famous Quotes, wishes, poems, sunset, morning, night view, christmas and new year wishes.
  8. Cool holiday masterpiece, Halloween and 100s of 4k resolution wallpapers.

Though the rating is pretty decent but do use this theme and you will be surprise with what it has to offer.

Last but not the least.

All Widgets

Provider- Ronan Stark (Unicorn Apps 2020) Registered and Licensed by App Store.

Size- 23.3 MB

Compatibility- All Latest iPhone

Languages- English Only

Rating: 4.6/5

All Widget has unique features.

  1. 10,000+ Widget Combinations.
  2. Youtube stats, battery, time, date, aesthetic categories, baby pregnancy tracker.
  3. Weather widget, You Tube widget which helps to add many as channels, Easy customizable options, list of high quality images.
  4. regular updates of new feature added.

Note: All these Wallpaper theme and widgets are personally used and have been using in couple of iPhones and has been satisfactory and its absolutely FREE. And those who doesn’t want to spend money do try these features, do comment down below which is your best theme or widget which you have been using.

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