Mobile Phone will be charged in just 5 minutes, Redmi’s 300W special charger

Source: Google

Chinese smartphone maker Redmi has recently announced a new fast charging technology called the “300W Immortal Second Charger,” which claims to fully charge a smartphone in just 5 minutes. The company has not yet confirmed the technical details of the charging technology. Fast charging has become a crucial feature in smartphones, and all companies use different types of fast charging with various standards.

Redmi made an announcement on Weibo about the new charging technology, suggesting that it may be an alternative charging technology. Redmi claims that the 300W Immortal Second Charger can charge a 4,100mAh battery to 10 percent in 43 seconds, 50 percent in 2 minutes and 13 seconds, and 100 percent in just 5 minutes. Redmi also pointed out that this is not a completely new technology, but a modification has been made in the technology present on the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ variant.

Although the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition currently supports 210W charging, it is the fastest charging smartphone from the company. It claims to fully charge the phone in about 10 minutes. Similarly, earlier this year, Realme GT Neo 5 was said to be the world’s first smartphone with 240W charging, which can fully charge a phone with a 4,600mAh battery in 10 minutes. The device comes with a 20V/12A adapter, and a 150W fast charging variant is also available that comes with a 20V/8A adapter in the box.

Fast charging has become a necessity for smartphone users as it saves them a lot of time. With companies coming up with newer and faster charging technologies, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for smartphone charging. As Redmi and other companies continue to innovate and improve their charging technologies, we can expect to see even more remarkable advancements in the near future.


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