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Taaza Khabar Hotstar

Taaza Khabar Story

Taaza khabaar short story – It begins with a super heroic entry of vasanth gawde (Bhuvan Bam) in a super gangster look. However, vasanth gawde is not a gangster. But then work as a sanitisation, he kept dreaming about being successful in life.

Vasya lives in a slum area, extremely poor with his family. In the first episode it is vasya’s birthday and her mother get a present to him by robbing the money, vasya gets really disappointed of being nothing in life, on the other hand vasya has a love life side to, he also work as a cash smuggler, for the sex workers.

In that red light area he has her lady love Madhu (Shriya Pilgaonakar) who also work as a sex worker. On his birthday Shriya presents him some cash. The same night when her returns back to his work, he sees a woman laying in a toilet out of no sense he tries to help that women and decides to give all his money to her, and here is the twist that woman gets really happy and she gives him a blessing of a vardhan (magic powers) she says “tujhe haar cheez waqt se pehle miljaigi” he ignores and get back to home while going on the road side he come a cross thieves who takes all his smuggling money which he has to deliver the next day to Shetty.

The next morning vasya’s mobile phone gets an updated version of Taaza khabar, as vardhan. In which he gets to predict the future. ◦ Vasya tries to convince his friends that he can predict the future through his phone, he has got a vardhan, vasya’s friend Peter agrees to what he is saying they give it a try for once to check if it’s right, what has come on his phone as an update gets right, then they start helping people with the prediction and tries to make money out of that.

Later they decide to do something big so that they become even more rich and move out with the unsatisfied life, vasya gets a idea of betting in cricket and making money out of that, then they make a gang of five people who will be with him as his supporters they start betting with the name of vardhan , later they make a lot of money from betting they start fulfilling all their dreams.

He gets his lady love out of that red light area, she opens her own brand of clothing, he moves out of the slum and begins to live in huge bungalow with his mother now he is so satisfied in life that cannot turn back to where he has come back From ◦ Vasya kept growing extremely fast that the police started doubting him if that he’s doing something wrong, the police try to keep a eye on him and caught him for once when they accuse him by saying he does cricket match fixing.

Vasya some how manages to get the police on his team by convincing them that he can predict the match and can get them some amount to, Vasya plays are kind the cops and start betting for them too he predicts everything wrong and make it sure that he is not into match fixing and just a simple predictor who can some times go wrong too. ◦ Day by day as he gets more successful in his life he becomes too arrogant, from vasya now he is a filthy rich man who is vasanth gawde.

But yet being so successful he has a lot of enemies around the police have been eyeing on him and has kept on all his phone records just for one mistake and he is kept behind the bars. But unfortunately Vasanth Gawde turns down the table for them by predicting all the cricket matches wrong. ◦ when his friends start blaming him for all the mistakes he is doing it and loosing all the money, he shut them up and put all his money into the crypto and make it thrice of it. ◦ Now vasanth gawde is a rich man with lots of arrogance and attitude, who is never going to look back at his past.

Just living his dream life with her love Madhu and with his mother. ◦ After a while vasanth gets an update on his phone where her lady love is been involved with shetty, makes him really disturbed. He unfortunately makes her feel that she’s a sex worker and can never get over it. he tries to mess up everything with her, his blessings turns into curse as this kind hearted man slowly becomes a megalomaniac. ◦ The last part is the best part of it which will make as wait for the next season badly I’ll keep it suspense.

◦ GenreFantasy comedy, ThrillerCreated by • Abbas Dalal • Hussain Dalal

Written by • Abbas Dalal • Hussain Dalal

Directed by Himank Gaur

Starring • Bhuvan Bam • Mahesh Manjrekar • Shriya Pilgaonkar • JD Chakravarthy • Deven Bhojani • Prathamesh Parab • Nitya Mathur • Shilpa Shukla • Mithilesh Chaturvedi

Music by Saurabh Lokhande Jarvis Menezes

Country of origin: India

Original language: Hindi

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 6

Production Producers • Rohit Raj • Bhuvan Bam

Cinematography Remy Dalai

Editor Harshit Sharma

Camera setup Multi-camera Running time 40 Production company BB Ki Vines Productions Release Original network Disney+Hotstar Original release5 January 2023 ◦ The web series is OTT debut of Youtuber Bhuvan Bam. A second season might be in development stages, based on the cliffhanger left at the end.

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Aaj ki Taaza Khabar khilta hua Shabab Hai

Taaza khabar series
Taaza khabar a Hindi web series it is released on 6th January 2023. On Disney+ Hotstar it has 6 episodes and each episode is 30 mins long.
It is directed by Himank Gaur and created by Bhuvan himself..

Aaj ki Taaza Khabar

Taaza Khabar Review


The series has some interesting twists and turns which really amazing to watch. The star casting is good , Bhuvan bam plays a role of sanitisation worker who later gets powers of predicting the future, Shriya Pilgaonkar played a role of a sex worker, who dreams to create her own brand of clothing.


As we all know about Bhuvan bam he has immense sense of acting, he has given the best of himself. Playing the role vasya, made it as one man show, Bhuvan bam is the star of Taaza khabar. I also enjoyed watching how Madhu role was played by Shriya Pilgoankar, she is just stunning. Prathamesh parab (Peter) was vasya’s best friend and was hilarious to watch. Deven Bhojani (Mehboob)is one of the best I was so happy to watch him act after so long but yet the best.

Taaza Khabar bb ki vines


Taaza khabar was as refreshing as its title,
I just loved how the entry has been shown of vansanth gawde, as a gangster. And it is also amazing to watch how he gets his friends involved in his on going journey as a poor guy to a rich man, there is a scene I mentioned when he takes his lady love out for a date and when she ask him where are we going ,he replies (Aukat ke baahar).


The series could’ve been a little more better, if it could be explained a lil slow way it’s hard to believe how this poor man turn to a big shot whit-in sometime, the vardhan was good predicting the future was a little hard to believe. Getting everything in life on spot should have given a lil more explanation in 1st episode he has noting and in 3rd he has everything what he dreamt of.


It’s a good entertaining series, makes you excited to watch what’s next it will keep you interested until the end..


8/10 I’ll give it all for Bhuvan bam

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