taj divided by blood 2023
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Premiere on Zee5 on March 3rd

Trailer review

Taj divided by blood 2023 is actually extremely exciting, because this is something different from the usual Mughal stories. The series has his different uniqueness, where they showcase the dirty truth of what actual has happened.


As shown in the trailer Akbar announces about the next king of Mughals, and mentions that it’s always not fair to justify that the age or as per who is the eldest will get the throne, so each of his son gets a chance to prove their braveness, and should be the best to get the throne. And there is something different in terms of relationships between Jallaluddin Akbar and Anarkali. Talking about Anarkali reminds me of Salim, as we all know that salim anarkali is one for each who doesn’t know about their immense love story. I cannot keep my calm to watch what’s different and what’s so authentic this time, coming back to the story it shows that Akbar has announced about the next king of Mughal emperor. And this time it won’t be like the usual and so easily. He announces that capability and braveness is important. Like always it is not the eldest who will get a chance to become the king, salim has no interest to get the throne as he is just into love making, having fun and just doesn’t care about being a king. Another son of Akbar is so badly in need of the throne that he could do anything to be the king he is terrified to fight all the battles which will come across to him in terms of the throne. The last son is shown to be an introvert and has no idea about how to get the throne. But yet there must be a lot of twist in this series cannot be like the usual and how it has been thought can wait to watch history’s greatest battles in terms of power as the three sons of emperor Akbar fight to succeed the Mughal throne, let’s watch to know who will win this terrifying war.

Genre: Drama, Historical, Fiction.
Written by: Christopher Butera
Screenplay: William Borthwick, Simon Fantauzzo
Dialogues: Ajay Singh
Directed by: Ron Scalpello, Ajay Singh, Vibhu Puri, Prashant Singh
• Dharmendra
• Naseeruddin Shah
• Aditi Rao Hydari
• Sandhya Mridul
• Rahul Bose
• Zarina Wahab
• Aashim Gulati
• Taaha Shah
Music Composers: Ian Arber
Country of origin: India
Original languages
• Hindi
• Urdu, Tamil, Telugu
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 10 (list of episodes)
Producers: Abhimanyu Singh, Roopali Singh
Cinematography: Simon Temple, Tejal Shetye
Editors: Irfan Ishak, Ben King, Ruchi Barar
Production companies: Contiloe Pictures
Distributor: ZEE5
Release: Original network ZEE5
Picture format: 4K resolution
Original release 3 March 2023

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