Jeff Bezos Blue Origin New Shepard  Capsule Near Escapes Rocket failure.. OMG

Image Source: Spaceflight Now

But Luckly their was not crew and flight was over Texas

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The Crew Capsule which carried NASA Funded Safely Landed under Parachute

Image Source: Blue Origin

Unplanned abort from in-flight saved company reusable capsule and mission payload experiment stowed inside

Image Source: Blue Origin

The Launch was at North Of Van Horn, Texas around 10:26 am EDT 09:26 am, CDT 14:26 GMT  With an Hour Long Delay

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Image Source: Orbital Today

Abort motor on the bottom containing solid fuel, crew capsule fired immediatly

Around 4 Ton Capsule spun around and tumbled after the Abort motor's brief firing

Image Source: THe Verge