WhatsApp Blocked 29 Million Indian Accounts in January to Combat Harmful Cases

Source: Google

Messaging service WhatsApp has told that it has banned more than 29 lakh accounts in India in January. WhatsApp said that in addition to responding to and acting on user complaints, WhatsApp also uses tools and resources to prevent harmful behavior on its platform.

WhatsApp spokesperson Said, “WhatsApp is at the forefront of preventing harassment in end-to-end encrypted messaging services. WhatsApp continues to invest in artificial intelligence and other technologies, data scientists and experts to keep users safe on our platform.” WhatsApp received a total of 1,461 reports in January and 195 cases were selected for action. WhatsApp had received 51 reports on account support, over 1,300 reports on ban appeals. The spokesperson said, “Under the IT rules, we have published our report for January. This user safety report contains information about the complaints received from users and the action taken on them. In January, WhatsApp reported more than 29 lakh Accounts have been banned.

The company says that it places a special emphasis on prevention because it believes that stopping harmful activity before it happens is better than catching it after it has happened. At the end of last year, the data of crores of users of WhatsApp hackers had stolen These included users from 84 countries including India, America, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Hackers tried to sell this data online.

It was told in the report of Cybernews that by advertising on a hacking community forum, the sale of mobile numbers of 487 million WhatsApp users has been claimed. This information is used in phishing attacks. For this reason, WhatsApp users should avoid calls and messages from unknown numbers. This is not the first time that data has been stolen from the platforms of Meta, which owns Facebook and WhatsApp. Last year, a hacker offered to give information of more than 500 million Facebook users for free. This included the phone numbers and other details of these users.

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